The biggest misconception when it comes to delegation is that no one else can do a task as well as you. However, as a business owner/entrepreneur, if you ever plan to scale your business successfully, then you have no choice other than to overcome your fear of outsourcing.


The truth is that even if you wanted to, it is impossible to do everything by yourself and expect to be efficient or productive.

Sometimes, you just need to delegate tasks or job functions to a third party to help you out.

Yes, I understand it can be scary at first but every success story started with taking some kind of risk!

My advice is to work on some of those fears and take baby steps towards being a more organised and productive entrepreneur.

As the Chief assistant at Virtual Assistants For You, I have had the privilege of meeting quite a number of entrepreneurs online and offline and some of their fears of outsourcing include:

 Fear of being scammed


The virtual assistant industry is still in its infant stages in this part of the world and let’s face it, Nigerians are not exactly known for their honesty. But, that being said a reputable virtual assistant company has more to lose by not following through on their promises – and the truth is they can only get so far with this kind of behaviour.


My advise, ensure that you work with virtual assistants that have come highly recommended to you. You can also ask your virtual assistant for reviews and/or testimonials  to know who they have worked with.


Fear of exposing trade secrets


This is a major fear for most entrepreneurs around the world.  Trade secrets, sensitive information and data security can be compromised when one outsource. This is bad for business.


My advise,  ensure that your virtual assistants sign a mutual non – disclosure agreement and a contract if necessary to protect your business.

Fear of being unreachable


This is another major reason why entrepreneurs are afraid of outsourcing to virtual assistants. There is always a possibility that your VA may be unreachable when you require them to complete a task urgently. This is especially so in Nigeria,  where there may be phone/network or even power outages.

To avoid this, we always advise our clients to share their schedule with us ahead of time. This gives us adequate notice and ensures that we do our best to meet deadlines and remain reachable notwithstanding the challenges that may arise.  

We also reassure our clients that we always have backup electricity and internet service provider just to avoid stories that touch.

Now, how does outsourcing help you grow your business?


How to overcome the fear of outsourcing

Virtual Assistants usually work for small/medium businesses. This means that your Virtual assistant is there to generally make your life much easier by performing general or specific tasks depending on your requirements.

Outsourcing can help:






Outsourcing Tips

Ready to take the bold step to outsourcing some of your business operations? Here are a few tips to bear in mind:









Have you ever outsourced to a virtual assistant, if yes, how was the experience? If no, why haven’t you 

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